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Alexandra is the granddaughter of Aldo Gucci and the great-granddaughter of Guccio Gucci.

Aldo and Alexina, as he liked to call her, had a very special bond and Babbo, as she called him, loved his granddaughter dearly.

Aldo Gucci was the stabilizing factor that had kept the family together through many feuds for decades. His death in 1990 marked the beginning of a long and difficult period, for the family just as much as Gucci the company, which in the 90s, after many ups and downs, finally found its steady new home at The Kering Group.

Alexandra, however, was not so lucky. For her, Aldo‘s death marked the start of almost two decades of trauma and struggle from the age of 6 years on, until her early 20s.

Alexandra continued to suffer from the ripple effects of the traumas of her childhood throughout her 20s. It took her many years to become more grounded in who she was and to understand how wrong many of the things she experienced as a child really were.

Today, Alexandra has committed her life to end child sexual abuse and save as many children as she can. She is dedicated to raising awareness as to how common this type of abuse is and that it is happening everywhere around us. She wants to ensure that especially parents and grandparents understand the signs to look out for and the responsibility we all have towards our own children and all children in the world to ensure that every possible effort is made to end child sexual abuse in our neighborhood, our country and anywhere else in the world.

And most importantly, that it is never acceptable to choose to look away.

Often she thinks back to the few happy years of her childhood when Aldo was still around, and they would play in the garden. Looking down at the world today, how upset he must be about what happened to his dear granddaughter and how disappointed he must be in those that let it happen.

Alexa und Aldo
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